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CAREER MATTERS is the second generation of GETTING TO WORK. It's edited for those in their late teens and 20s who are looking for their career starting point.

It combines 22 chapters with sample documents and Internet links. Navigation is done with internal and external hyperlinks, delivering information with just a click.

Content includes: Identifying your skills and interests ▪ Developing your network ▪ Delivering your message ▪ Preparing for interviews and negotiations ▪ and more…

GETTING TO WORK covers every step in the process of landing a job that "fits" – from determining your strengths to managing your interviews. It’s written for experienced adults who want to transition away from the grind and into something meaningful.

The eBook format allows click navigation to documents, websites and text, providing instant information and a competitive edge.

Content includes: Establishing your goals ▪ Conducting online research ▪ Preparing your resume ▪ Leveraging your value ▪ and more…

What Choice Do I Have? is designed to help you manage change because there’s nothing automatic when it comes to adjusting our behaviors. But it takes committment. The payoff is a clearer path to your goals and improved relationships along the way. While redirecting your life requires taking full responsibility, it can be one of the most liberating things you can do. And it starts with making a choice.

Content includes: Sorting out your wants ▪ Battling for control ▪ Dumping the baggage ▪ Writing your programs ▪ and more…

Press On! presents the building blocks of effective communications, no matter the situation, regardless of who's talking.

Why bother? Everyone you encounter: bosses, spouses, neighbors and kids has wants and needs. And their plans often include you.  Knowing how to interpret their messages and being clear in your interactions can play a key role in building those relationships and defining who you are.

Content includes: Standing your ground ▪ Eliminating guilt and doubt ▪ Ignoring “friendly” advice ▪ Filtering others’ motives ▪ and more…

Michael Kerrigan - Author/Consultant

Coaching: the Next Generation

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes that promising opportunity never develops, or the old job goes away.

Where do you turn?

We have the expertise to help. We’ve handled thousands of cases, from recent grads to senior executives – one individual at a time. We’ve worked in a variety of environments, assisting clients make sound career- and life-changing decisions.

LifeTime Services offers a range of programs – standard and custom – to meet your unique set of challenges. See the list of publications for resources and program ideas.

Send us a note; we’ll send an answer.

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