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Graduation! So, What's Next?

For parents, graduation is a rite of passage. For graduates, it’s a time for celebration. For both, it’s often a period of uncertainty, raising the question: What’s next?

Wherever you are on the education/career path, you need specific information to create a plan that serves you best. It’s time to set a direction.

Some get it. The high achievers are well aware of the counselor’s office. But that doesn’t assure continued success in picking the right college, the right major or, ultimately, the right job.

On the flip side, how many dropouts exit school believing their work options amount to anything more than “restaurants” or “retail”? How many of these young people can piece together a resume or tell an interviewer about their strengths? How many even know the opportunities they’re missing?

And for those who do receive a diploma (a stagnating number, according to the Denver Post), who choose not to attend college, their career choices are limited and competition is fierce. It makes you wonder: Where will they be in five years?

In each of these scenarios: How will these individual students navigate the situations they face? How will they manage themselves?

CAREER MATTERS: The Young Persons’ Guide to Direction, Action and Results (CM) is a start-to-finish program that helps to set a course to the future. It provides proven coaching materials in an age-appropriate way and gives students the insight, confidence and knowledge they need now and throughout their working lives.

CM is a complete, cloud-based guide providing relevant data in seconds. It delivers dozens of sample documents, relevant websites and topical video clips with just a click.

CM produces career-related information through personality assessments, skills appraisals, strength and liabilities checklists; it helps students establish an online presence, prepare for interviews, educate themselves about companies and corporate culture, strategize over compensation – to prepare fully for entry into the working world.

CM provides lasting value since students take it with them. They can follow the same proven steps throughout their careers because most will change jobs at least seven times. That makes

CM a reliable resource and a smart investment.

As the very nature of work changes, new approaches are required to help young people succeed.

Put your chance for success in the hands of someone who cares: You!

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