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Michael Kerrigan


Michael Kerrigan is founder of LifeTime Services, LLC, (LTS) which produces quality books, courses and other custom materials focused on personal and professional development.


Michael has been a career coach since 2004 and has worked directly with more than 1,000 people in some phase of employment transition – some by choice, some not so much.


Additionally, he has designed and delivered programs on change, choice-making, negotiating and other topics to thousands more. Audiences have included everyone from grade school kids to senior corporate executives.


Michael started his career as a journalist, working at a succession of magazines and newspapers covering everything from the US Congress to the Morgan County fair.


At other times he developed PR efforts for a major university and assorted companies, directed communications for various political campaigns, and worked as a mediator and facilitator. He is available via the Message box below.


LifeTime Career


LifeTime Career, a counseling division of LTS, provided the basic content for both GETTING TO WORK and CAREER MATTERS. It remains an important part of the LTS program lineup and is available to individuals in need of personalized coaching, and businesses providing services for employees at any level, regardless of the circumstances.


To discuss your career-related needs, send us a message; we’ll send an answer.



Michael Kerrigan - Author/Consultant

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