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4 Career Tripping Points

Not everyone moves quickly. Not everything happens fast.

Sometimes a push is required just to get a process – or person – moving.

When it comes to encouraging someone toward a career, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with and some of the problem's that can emerge.

Here are four areas to examine. Ideally, these will be addressed and reconciled before any pushing begins. Otherwise, don’t expect anything to resembling change to occur.

Fear: Whether it’s the fear of failure or of success, this is the universal roadblock in the way of most people’s efforts to change.

Weakness: This is the stifling detail, a specific excuse for not trying, that will keep most people who don’t want to be helped locked in place.

Comfort: This is the irresistible urge not to change; the rationale is what someone has now surpasses what they might have later – regardless of what that might be. Why risk it?!

Will: The person being pushed has to have a will to grow toward something more / different / better for change to happen. Otherwise, it’s pointless to even try.

If you're considering a change or are being encouraged to change, address these four points first. You’ll save yourself time, money and aggravation – and maybe even a relationship – in the process.

Next time: three keys to a successful push.

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