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Not everyone moves quickly, even when they should. This is strangely true when it comes to doing what’s in their best interest – like getting a job.

The excuses are always varied and the rationale is always creative for those who would rather spend their time, well, not working.

But sooner or later (nearly) everyone comes to grips with taking a job for obvious reasons.

The transition to work (for those who are unfamiliar with it) can be a lot easier if they put what they are doing in perspective. Three key questions to help in this assessment include:

What am I doing with my life?

What do I want to do?

What behaviors will get me where I need to go?

A few things to consider as you formulate you answers:

  • Identifying who you’re responsible to and considering that relationship when you act.

  • Setting a direction and acting on it vs. spending your time on random events.

  • Applying yourself and actually trying in whatever you do.

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