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3 Obstacles to Changing Careers

Whether you’re making the move to a new career or thinking of a career path that even makes sense, there are any number of challenges you’ll encounter along the way. Here are three (along with some suggestions to overcome them).

Fixating on a single job, company or industry. This specific focus creates the probability of problems instantly: the job may not be “open,” the company may not be hiring, the industry may be in decline. This narrow approach also creates a huge blind spot because you have no idea what alternatives exist that may be a better fit. Expand your horizons by diversifying your search.

Changing without a goal. If you're serious about your career you need a goal. It's that simple. Without it you're wandering with no idea where you'll end up. That's not the way careers are built. You can always modify your goal along the way to reaching it. But establishing a goal at the outset helps you maintain your focus in the pursuit of something meaningful.

Panicking, or satisfying the urge to do anything just to be doing something. Panic is induced a lot of different ways: money, relationship pressures and that irrational internal frenzy. The best way to get panic under control: identify your abilities, strengths and interests; settle on the role you’d like to fulfill, research and reach out to the companies that have a need you can address.

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